CONSANAS Hospital da Prelada

Rua Sarmento de Beires, nº 153
4250-449 Porto


International project:


CONSANAS provides gold standard, state-of-the-art neurological rehabilitation with a focus on stroke.

Our Mission
We dedicate our work to improving lives of stroke patients and their families.

CONSANAS, based at Hospital da Prelada located at the city of Porto, is a result of a partnership between Boehringer Ingelheim Healthcare Management and Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto, joining forces in an innovative project to provide short-term outcomes, with benefits for stroke victims, their family members and caregivers.
The center has privileged conditions with all available hospital facilities and services and emerges as a differentiated and pioneering rehabilitation response for patients that suffered severe, moderate or mild strokes.
The state of the art of the rehab center is based on its intensive and multi-professional regime, scheduled for an estimated duration of 40-60 days. The therapeutic program is carefully defined for our patients, fully individualized and adapted to the circumstances of each case.
Currently, in its pilot phase, CONSANAS Hospital da Prelada has 15 hospital beds and 5-day hospital slots, possibly to be extended to 45 beds and 15-day hospital slots, by 2024.

Our Vision
We restore hope and improve lives.