Sensing Future Technologies

Rua Pedro Nunes Bloco E


Sensing Future Technologies (SFT) designs, develops and implements medical devices. SFT is certified under the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for medical devices. Main areas of expertise:
- Stabilometry/Baropodometry: physical/vestibular rehabilitation, sports medicine, audiology, vertigo. PhysioSensing (;
- Robotics, haptic devices and telemedicine: UR, Kinova, ROSE (

SFT has high-level knowledge in automation, biofeedback systems, robotics, hardware and software development, databases and data acquisition/processing. Other relevant experience:

  • Product and UI development;
  • Clinical tests for product validation;
  • Medical certification (ISO 13485);
  • Dissemination in national/international fairs